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Download the Settings Manual

Installation procedure, Setup screenshots, Settings barcodes, Softwares settings, Transfer method settings

Download & Install the Software

Operating System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 10 / 11

  Operating System NOT Supported: Apple, Linux

For any further question on the QR-Scanner, contact your reseller or write an email to qr@go-scan.me.

GO-SCAN.ME has been tested and is compatible with these solutions:
(it is very likely that it will work with many others not in the list)

GO-SCAN.ME is compatible with these e-banking:
Raiffeisen Bank – Postfinance – Banca Stato – UBS – Credit Suisse –
Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB – Berner Kantonalbank BEKB-BCBE – Banque Cantonale de Genève BCGE
(other Cantonal Banks are likely to be compatible)

Migros Bank allows scanning of a QR-Bill only via Smartphone (mobile app)